How our Process Works & our Special Custom Finish Service

Not only Supply, We Manufature

We supply a large range of ready made Victorian bathroom products and well known top brands, but we also manufacture our own, which makes us extremely competitive when it comes to pricing.

Our expertise will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for for your Victorian bathroom look, at the right price, at the highest possible quality. We can advise you on any necessary and/or optional accessories you’ll need, and even help you plan your project.

We’re at your service.

Our Finishes

When it comes to finishes (ie. the final colour, and material, look and feel) we cannot be beaten for variety and quality.

We make a large range of ready products, but we can take any of the taps, mixers, pipes, showers, and any other accessory you see on our site, and give it the finish you want!

So if you find a tap style you love, and it’s displayed in chrome on our site for example, we can custom finish that in antique brass for example. Simple, we do it all.